Yesterday the President issued an invitation to tea bag wavers to discuss health care and Social Security.  The Nationwide Tea Party Coalition asks, what time’s good for you?

Michael Patrick Leahy, a member of the National Leadership Team of the Nationwide Tea Party Coalition,  said ” We want to broaden the scope to address the President`s runaway march to socialist-statism, and the rampant across the board irresponsible spending he is promoting with his $787 Billion Stimulus Plan and his $1 Trillion Annual Deficit, his takeover of General Motors, Chrysler and the Banks .”

Kellen Giuda, organizer of the New York City Tea party attended by 12,000 and of Parcbench said, “I think a constructive dialogue with the President would be a great opportunity for him to acknowledge that, yes, many Americans have a problem with the way Washington is handling our taxpayer dollars and also that we are concerned about health care and social security reform. I am happy he is open to a discussion. The Tea Parties are protesting against fiscal irresponsibility and any dialogue we can have will hopefully bring a better public understanding of our country`s finances. Health care and social security reform is a large concern to us.”

Will the President take them up on this?  I doubt it.  It was a smartass, dismissive remark, not really an invitation.  The Coalition is calling his bluff. The ball’s in his court.

H/T Michelle Malkin