Not Evil Just Wrong is a documentary film about the cost of global warming hysteria which will come out in the fall.  From The Foundry:

Producer and Director Ann McElhinney hopes the documentary will show “how extreme environmentalism is damaging the lives of the most vulnerable populations in the developed and developing world.” The spirited McElhinney, who was joined by her husband Phelim McAleer, spoke almost non-stop for forty-five minutes and posed some interesting dilemnas for global warming enthusiasts, as well as some memorable remarks on Bill Gates, Bono, Al Gore, NASA scientists and Rachel Carson.

…The couple continuously called out environmentalists to practice what they preach, at one point exhorting fans of renewable energy to only take sick relatives to hospitals powered by windmills. “They know the problem with renewables is they don’t renew themselves very often.” Later they urged parents who trust mosquito nets over pesticides to send their children to Malaria-infested parts of Africa.

Besides seeking to shine a light on faulty science and offering logical conundrums, Ann and Phelim want to empower laymen with tools for verbal sparring–under any circumstances.

“What we’re trying to do is give people who watch the film the language so they can take on their opponents in a pub after ten pints,” Ann said to hearty laughter. She feels conservatives have lost an important messaging battle and let environmentalists get away with their extremism.

Sounds good.  You can sign up for email updates about screenings at the movie’s website.