You’ve probably heard about the swine flu outbreak in Mexico and, to a lesser extent, in America and other countries.  The last number I’ve seen is 70 deaths in Mexico. The 11 confirmed cases here are mostly recovered, except for two still being hospitalized. There’s talk about what should and should not be done, like closing the border and screening travelers from Mexico.

Something you may not have heard:  Mexico has universal healthcare.  From WSJ,  When Pigs Flu

The AP dispatch is titled “Swine Flu Worse in Mexico Than US, but Why?” There’s no definitive answer, but here’s one of the possibilities:

“Access to medical care has been an issue in Asia, where a rare bird flu–which does not spread easily from person-to-person–has killed more than 200 over the last several years. Maybe Mexican patients have also had trouble getting medical care or antiviral drugs, some have speculated–even though the government provides health care.”

Wouldn’t this paragraph make more sense if it ended “. . . because the government provides health care”?

Yes, it would.

So let’s get this straight.  When America grows up culturally and joins the universal healthcare community, we can look forward to people dying needlessly instead of recovering nicely.  Not exactly the future I wanted to pass along to my descendents.

Keep this in mind as you watch Congressional Democrats force nationalized healthcare through by reconciliation.