The dirty little secret of wind power is out:

What are the economic consequences going to be of putting up all these wind turbines with government subsidies, mandates and “feed-in tariffs” that tell the utilities, “Buy it whatever it costs”?

“The conundrum,” McCracken writes, “lies in the fact that wind does not directly displace fossil fuel generating capacity, but will make this capacity less profitable to maintain.”

…So without contributing any reliable capacity, wind will nonetheless make nuclear, by far our most practical and reliable form of zero carbon energy, less profitable. Existing plants will be caught in a trap and new construction will be discouraged entirely. Already the British Nuclear Group is complaining that it can’t build any new reactors if they have to compete against subsidized wind farms. Anti-nuclear activists are turning handsprings, claiming joyously that wind is finally replacing nuclear. But that’s not what’s happening. Instead, nothing will be replacing existing capacity–namely, the coal burning plants that are one of the largest sources of carbon emissions–as demand increases in years ahead. That means carbon emissions won’t be meaningfully reduced, since coal plants will have to stay on line to provide backup.

The carbon-cap job destroyer is on the loose in California.

Yes, cap and trade is a tax, says Representative John Dingell.

Al Gore is a big fat liar.  Lots more about the Gorbacle’s Congressional hearing performance at Green Hell Blog.

How a member of  the “deliberative body” of the Senate reached his global warming conclusions. Makes you feel all warm and cozy that the country is in such contemplative  hands.

Another dirty secret:  some are already paying green taxes on their electricity bills.