Hundreds tea’d off at White Plains, NY, about county issues.

They turned out to complain about taxes – and that’s precisely what rallyers did before dumping 20,000 teabags on the sidewalk and learning of a father-son political primary for county executive.

Hundreds came out today in front of the Westchester County Office buildings for a “Tea Party” to protest high property taxes and county government, even calling for its elimination.

“They have turned the American dream into an American nightmare,” said Sam Zherka, a strip club owner and controversial publisher of a weekly newspaper who organized the event. “We have to wipe out every single incumbent in office. We need to wipe out every single one of them in one-felt swoop.”

West Tennessee Tea Party blog post and pictures.

A lot of Tea Party critics have claimed that the protests were astroturfed,  organized by some group in the background, instead of a genuine grassroots phenomenon.  Ask anyone who attended and they’ll tell you that’s a lie.  I did, and I do.  This is what an astroturfed event looks like.

Some comments from a first-time citizen reporter.  It’s not as easy as it may seem. My hat’s off to anyone who jumped in.

Founding Bloggers fighting back against CNN’s fair-use bludgeoning.  It involves video of the antagonistic CNN reporter who covered the Chicago Tea Party.

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