Taking a Bite Out of Frivolous Lawsuits

A Michigan woman who sued a police dog over an alleged bite has been fined for filing a frivolous lawsuit.

Inez Starks (55) sued the city of Warren, several police officers and a police dog named Liberty, claiming she suffered nerve damage after the German Shepherd bit her on the buttocks during a truancy complaint confrontation.  “The K9 went out of control and viciously and brutally bit Inez Stark’s [sic] right buttocks cheek, as well as biting Warren Police Officer [Scott] Taylor’s leg,” the complaint said.

After evidence failed to reveal that Starks was bitten, Warren District Judge David Viviano fined Starks $500 for frivolously naming the dog in the lawsuit.

—Source:  Onpointnews.com

Yes, she really sued the dog.

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