From Scott Ott in the DC Examiner, Scrappleface: Obama Orders CIA to Use Hindsight First

President Barack Obama today continued his effort to repair the image of the U.S. in the wake of his release of the “torture memos,” by ordering the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to “start using hindsight first, instead of as a last resort.”

Although aggressive interrogation techniques on three terrorists produced intel that likely prevented major attacks on American cities, most experts agree that there’s no way to know whether less vigorous methods might have produced the same results.

“In hindsight,” the president said, “it might have been better to gain the trust of men like Khalid Sheik Mohammed by speaking gently with them, and offering small gifts like Pop-Tarts, or Nair.”

“Because we waited until now to decide whether more humane strategies would have worked on KSM,” he said, “we lost the opportunity to employ advanced hindsight, and thus to win his heart and mind.”

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