Of April 15 tea parties from TaxDayTeaParty.

Atascadero, California: “…about 1000 people, from all over the county, turned out to let there voices be heard. We’re a city of about 27,000 people that recently took back our city from the left and don’t ever expect to let it get out of hand again.”

Newport, Tennessee: “We only have about 35,000 residents in the entire county, but we had approximately 400 folks show up for the rally!”

Boise, Idaho: “We attended the Boise, Idaho Tea Party, and the turnout was awesome! I’ve heard anywhere from 2,500-3,000 attended by the time it was all said and done. Funny thing, on the radio news while headed down there, they were reporting “there are possibly 200 people at the park, waiting to march to the capital”. We arrived thinking there had to be a better turn out than than, and YES there was!”

Speaking of media reporting, a lot of people are very annoyed with CNN and their reporter Susan Roesgen.  She’s the one who forgot she was supposed to report and instead chose to lecture a Tea Partyer about how much money Obama was giving him.  There’s talk of boycotting CNN’s advertisers.  If you’re interested, go here.

Talking tea parties on Reason.tv with FreedomWorks Chairman, Matt Kibb.