Get ready for a barrage of climate scare-mongering next week, brought to you courtesy of Congress.  From Politico, Hill gears up for big climate week

Congress is launching the “mother of all climate weeks” on Tuesday, with a monster hearing designed to push forward global warming legislation.

Fifty-four witnesses will testify on climate change legislation in three full days before the House Energy and Commerce Committee, topped off with an appearance from Al Gore on Friday. The committee will also hear from EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, Energy Secretary Steven Chu, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and high-profile representatives from business and the environmental movement.

The hearings are timed to coincide with Earth Day on Wednesday.

How symbolic.  These people don’t miss a trick, do they?


“In my 33 years on the Energy and Commerce Committee, I cannot remember a week of hearings quite like this one,” said Markey. “With so much at stake and such little time, I am pleased that our country’s business, science and environmental leaders are lining up to engage in this historic week of hearings.”

Why is there such little time?

The hearings and lobbying come on the heels on Friday’s EPA announcement that carbon monoxide and other greenhouse gases endanger health and human welfare. The finding opens the door for the administration to crack down on greenhouse gas emissions and impose new regulations on polluters from auto manufactures to power plants.

The Obama administration would prefer Congress to pass legislation establishing a cap-and-trade system to crack down on emissions. But Democratic leaders hope the threat of EPA action will spur Congress to pass a bill limiting emissions.

So can we expect another huge bill that nobody reads and that ends up having all kinds of surprises in it, like the stimulus?  And Al Gore will be there, the expert in predicting imminent climactic Armeggedon, to urge haste before the melting (not) polar icecaps drown us all.  Better bring your snowshoes, Congressmen.

Who all’s coming to the party?  Sportsmen, religious groups, environmental groups, environmental business groups, all are lobbying for a piece of the green pie.  Catholic organizations and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops are getting into the act with an ad blitz.  The tens of millions who will be paying for the program into infinity won’t even be missed.