This week the Supreme Court is hearing a case on government-sponsored racism.  From AP,

Inside a burning building, fire doesn’t discriminate between Matthew Marcarelli and Gary Tinney. Inside the New Haven Fire Department, however, skin color has put them on opposite sides of a lawsuit that could transform hiring procedures nationwide.

This week, the Supreme Court will consider the reverse discrimination claim of Marcarelli and a group of white firefighters. They all passed a promotion exam, but the city threw out the test because no blacks would have been promoted, saying the exam had a “disparate impact” on minorities likely to violate the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

“Reverse” discrimination?  It’s discrimination based on race, pure and simple, unless you define racism as something only whites do.  I don’t.

President Obama’s position through the Department of Justice:

The Obama administration has said such laws are needed and it is committed to enforcing them. The Justice Department’s brief in the firefighters case supports New Haven’s position that the city acted properly in throwing out the tests.

But in what many call a political maneuver designed to avoid taking sides, the Justice Department stopped short of saying the firefighters’ case should be dismissed, instead recommending that it be remanded to a lower court to determine if city’s decision was a pretext for intentional discrimination.

Race and gender-based diversity quotas out, merit in.  The Supreme Court has a chance to strike a blow for equality of opportunity in this case and put a stake in the heart of the doctrine of equality of outcome.  I hope they take it.

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