More Tea Party pictures, posts and videos from TaxDayTeaParty.

Some comments:

San Antonio, Texas: “The San Antonio Tea Party in front of the Alamo was absolutely the best. Great crowd, (reported to be 16,000) well behaved, did not see any reporters or police. Great speakers and entertainment and the place was clean when the party was over. Just a wonderful experience. The movement needs to continue and go to second gear…”

Great Falls, Montana:  “Great Falls, Montana Tea Party was a great success. It was 36 degrees with a little snow. An estimated crowd of 500 people showed up to voice their displeasure of out of control government spending. There were at least 6 speakers who really got the enthusiastic crowd yelling and screaming at times.

There were postcards available for people to sign to go to Senator Baucus and Senator Tester. The postcards said “I am a registered America voter, and I will not re-elect you unless I am heard.”. There was also room on the cards to write additional comments and many did that. Some of the comments written were: “Stop spending my kids future.”, “Enough is enough”, “I don’t want a nanny state. What happened to state sovereignty?”, “Cut the Spending”, “What are you thinking?”, “You are taxing us to death and I don’t like your change.”, “You do not represent Montana, stay back east.”, “How much debt do you think my kids can pay off?”, “You work for us, not the other way around!”, “I have never been so disappointed.”, “Are you joking? Be a proud American! God Bless America!”, “I am neither a democrat nor a republican – but enough is enough and I will get involved now!”

New York City: “I thought your organization may be interested in the strange silence surrounding the NYC tea party, where attendance was supposedly estimated by the NYPD to break 12,000. I was dressed as a ‘Son of Liberty’ at the party and personally was interviewed by the AP, the Huffington Post, UVA television, News One for Black America and NYU News. The AP story has been released but the Huff Post, News One and NYU News have not released a SINGLE STORY about the tea party in NY. Why is NYC being blacked out?”