From CNS News, Durban II Boycott Swells

As negotiations come down to the wire ahead of Monday’s opening of the United Nations’ politically charged racism conference in Geneva, several European countries are expected on Friday to announce that they will boycott the event.

U.N. officials’ attempts to avert a widening boycott of the gathering appear to have been undermined by continued wrangling over wording in the conference’s draft declaration, and by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s decision to attend.

Canada and Israel have already said they’re not attending.  Germany, Australia, The Netherlands, Denmark, Britain and the Czech Republic, acting on behalf of the European Union in it’s role as its President, are signaling their intention to refuse to play.

The US?  We’re still on the fence, although the article says the State Department is indicating we won’t participate.

The article details specific objections by various governments.  A few of them:

— E.U. members said the religious stereotyping and foreign occupation paragraphs were unacceptable.

— Iran and other Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) members opposed a paragraph stating that “the Holocaust must never be forgotten.” Australia’s representative insisted the paragraph was non-negotiable.

Good news for the people of the world.  I’ll be watching for definitive statements from these countries.