Last week President Obama told the country we should “build our house upon a rock” instead of “the same pile of sand” it had been built on before.  According to The Foundry,  it’s more like the President is building sandcastles in the air.  Some contrasts between his words, his actions and their results:

New Rules for Wall Street: Our financial sector is long overdue for regulatory consolidation and simplification, but so far all of Obama’s actions have only increased market uncertainty by extending government’s fumbling hand. Using the Treasury Department’s TARP slush fund, the Obama administration has taken over major firms, set employment practices for entire industries, and laundered money to failing firms.

New Investments in Education: No policy area has better exposed the administration’s hypocrisy education. Despite the administration’s vow to support “what works” in education, mere days after a Department of Education study showed that students in the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship program out performed their peers, Education Secretary Arne Duncan took scholarship money away from low-income families. This brazen act makes it clear no real education reform has any hope in this administration.

Much more at the link.

The President is not just blowing hot air with his words.  The consequences of his actions are blowing our childrens’ and grandchildrens’ futures.

Thanks to Dawn Patrol for the speech link