TaxDayTeaParty has an extensive roundup of tea party news and pictures here, here, and here.

So far, Pajamas Media estimates over 550,000 people attended parties.  Not bad at all!

Some good advice from the San Francisco Examiner via TaxDayTeaParty.

The Examiner suggests three maxims to guide the movement: First, don’t abandon the social networking and bottom-up direction that enabled a genuine grass-roots phenomenon to coalesce in just a few weeks. Top-down, command-economy management from Washington got us into the current mess. Second, all politics is still local.

As National Review Online’s Jim Geraghty points out, it’s one thing for 1,000 people to demonstrate at the White House, and something else again for the same people to pack a city council or county supervisor meeting demanding an end to the waste and political gamesmanship. Today’s local tremor eventually becomes an earthquake in Washington. Third, stop worrying about the mainstream media. Their day is done, yours is coming.