From CNS News, Environmentalists Say ‘Cap-and-Trade’ Is Designed to Drive up Energy Costs and Redistribute Wealth

President Obama’s “cap and trade” plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is specifically designed to drive up energy prices and redistribute wealth, according to a coalition of environmental, union, and liberal activist groups that is pushing for Congress to enact the proposal this year.

The plan would also redistribute wealth by taking revenue earned by the government in auctioning off carbon-emission permits and giving some of it in rebates to lower income households to offset the increased energy prices they would pay. The rest of the revenue would be used to subsidize the development of alternative “green” energy sources.

This journalist needs a remedial civics class.  Governments don’t “earn” revenue–they confiscate and redirect wealth.

Who is in this coalition?

Greenstein’s group is a member of the Climate Equity Alliance, which is made up of more than a dozen organizations ranging from the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) to ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now).

What a surprise.

Expanding the government’s role as an enabler of dependency to private energy use:

“The key, though, is that if the permits are auctioned, the revenue that is produced can offset the impact on consumers’ budgets through rebates,” he said.

The Climate Equity Alliance focuses on promoting climate legislation that caters to low- and moderate-income energy consumers-and believes that funds collected from cap-and-trade proceeds should go to curb high energy costs for those consumers and for other green projects.

Greenstein said a 15 percent reduction in emissions would increase the average energy cost on a household with income around $15,000 by about $750 per household, he said.

So, who benefits?  Not the middle class:

“The alliance has called for adequate rebates to fully offset the impact on the budgets of low- and moderate-income consumers,” he said. “The alliance has not taken a position–and I’m not sure it intends to–on the middle-income issue.”

Well, at least they’ve come out of the idealogical closet.  No more bunk about saving the planet.

America is not the land of the dependent.  If you have an opinion about this, let your Congresscritters and the Enabler-In-Chief know.