Wrapping kids in the soothing comfort of a watchful government system while they’re young.  From The Center For Consumer Freedom, BMI Surveillance: The Food Police Will Be Watching You

Two doctors from the nonprofit Altarum Institute have taken a page from the Department of Homeland Security playbook, and began advocating a “Body Mass Index surveillance system” this week.  What kind of surveillance?  An electronic registry of children’s personal health information, gathered in order to monitor their weight. Here’s our question: Will the FBI start tapping phone conversations any time the words “cookies” and “ice cream” are spoken?

Let’s hope not. Because although Body Mass Index (BMI) is a popular measurement for weight-conscious consumers, it’s simplistic to the point of being practically useless. BMI is a simple calculation of height and weight used by government bureaucrats to classify people as “normal,” “overweight,” or “obese.”  And considering that the measurement is so flawed that it considers Brad Pitt overweight, it’s no surprise that many scientists have suggested abandoning the use of BMI altogether.  Even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention casts doubt on the effectiveness of BMI as a health-promotion tool.

What we need is a database to keep an eye on databases.  Better yet, to track database advocates.