The Tea Parties yesterday were a big success!  Lots of us dangerous potential terrorists showed up all over the country to commit the unpardonable sin of disagreeing with the President’s big-government, crushing-tax-burden policies and programs.

World Net Daily on the Sacramento, DC, Tennessee, Rochester, NY parties and more:

Americans took to the streets to protest wasteful government spending today – with estimated crowd sizes of 5,000 to 15,000 in Atlanta, San Antonio, Oklahoma City, Olympia, Wash., Lansing, Mich., St. Louis, Mo., and Sacramento.

Numbers:  Sacramento 5,000, DC 1,000, 10,000 at Tennessee’s Legislative Plaza, Rochester 1,000, Cincinnati 4000, Madison, WI, 8,000, 5,000 at the Oklahoma Capitol, Chicago, 4000, 1,000 at Rhode Island’s Capitol, 5,000 in Olympia, WA, Boise 2,500, Austin 1,500, Lansing, MI, 7000, Hartford 3,000, Jacksonville, FLA 2,000, Pittsburgh 1,000, Des Moines 3,000, Louisville 1,500, Houston 7,000, Phoenix 5,000, St. Louis 8,000, Central Valley, CA, 7,500, Atlanta 15,000, San Antonio 15,000.

Lots of Tea Party links at Protein Wisdom,  including Denver, Orange County and Cleveland.

Mucho coverage and pictures at Michelle Malkin
Sign from Sacramento:  Tax His Teleprompter

Instapundit on Minnesota, Rancho Cucamonga, Fort Worth, New York City, Orlando and more with pictures.

I will continue this labor of love as long as I can find parties to post about.  I will no doubt duplicate links, but this is one good thing I can’t have too much of.  Read and enjoy, people.