Happy Tea Party day!  I never thought I’d be looking forward to April 15, did you?  If you’re not planning to go to a protest, show your support by honking your horn or waving at any you see.  Some people are going to hang tea bags from their rear-view mirrors.  Here’s a bit of early protest day news from TaxDayTeaParty:

Possibly the first protest by Twitter is planned for tomorrow to protest Massachusetts Governer Deval Patrick’s plan to raise tolls.  Find out how to participate here.

Some good advice for organizers and volunteers.
It ends,  We luv ya.
Ditto 1000%.

A reminder to Valparaiso, Indiana, area people:  Rally is downtown at the Courthouse from 4 to 6 today.  Hope to meet you there.  I’ll be the one holding the “No Legislation Without Contemplation” sign.