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What the Tea Parties are all about

This message is about our desire to keep American strong on the premise of individual freedom and free market principals. If you define that as greed so be it. That greed is what applies to any American who gets out of bed and goes to work, trying to make a better world for his children. It applies to the millions of people striving to learn a skill or get an education to improve their lot in live. It applies even to the street vendors at the inauguration, who sold souvenirs to those who attended. And yes, it applies to the big “greedy companies and their wall street investors who seek growth and success which allows companies to hire more people.

You can define socialism in many ways but the bottom line message to those who claim the “right” to free housing, free healthcare, free mortgages, free food, and yes to private business, banks, etc, is summed up by the following:

“Your fair share is not in my wallet”

Saturday’s parties a big success. The following links courtesy of TaxDayTeaParty:

Several thousand people came to Pittsburgh’s North Shore to throw tea bags into the Allegheny River.

About 300 people gathered at William and Mary College in Williamsburg, Virginia, with messages for lawmakers:

I am not your ATM.” “No More Bailouts.” “Fair Tax Not Slave Tax.”

Pasadena, California, saw between 200-500 people come to protest the Obama Administration and the Proposition 1A tax hike to be voted on by Californians May 19.

Yakima, Washington, saw 500 at it’s protest.

Pictures from the San Diego, California, rally, estimated at 1000 strong.

An update on the Lincoln, Nebraska, do with some information on the lefty New Way Forward protests at Instapundit.

Also via Instapundit,

Hundreds come to a tea party in Goshen, Indiana.

Maryville, California, saw hundreds show up to protest taxes, including the new ones on the California ballot in May.