Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is having a tea party today, April 11, and another on April 15.

Lincoln, Nebraska, is also having one today at the state capitol.  They want people to bring cans of pork and beans, which will be donated to a local food pantry.

Elkhart, Indiana, is having a protest today at the Elkhart County Courthouse in Goshen and plans two more outside the Goshen Post Office on U.S. 33 and the downtown Elkhart Post Office April 15 from 6-9 p.m.

Wonder if MSNBC will cover any of them as part of their Elkhart Project.

SurgeUSA.org plans to tabulate a nationwide estimate of participation and asks that people email them with reliable numbers from whatever one you attend.  Lots of information at that site.

Thanks to TaxDayTeaParty for the following:

Andrew Breitbart of Breitbart.com and Big Hollywood fame will be the keynote speaker at the Santa Ana, California, Tea Party on April 15.

Gay Patriot compares the Tea Party movement to the Obama campaign phenomenon.

Around 250 people have signed up to be Pajamas Media citizen reporters for tea parties.  They’re asking for more.

Lefty fear and loathing of the Tea Party movement.

Fox News reports that members of Congress are waiting to see which way the wind blows before jumping on the bandwagon:

But so far, FOXNews.com has found only two members of Congress — both Republicans — who have  committed to attending the demonstrations on the day income taxes are due.

Sen. Jim DeMint of South Carolina and Texas Rep. John Culberson, a member of the House Appropriations Committee, say they will attend the protests to show their opposition to the government’s massive spending bill. That leaves roughly 530 senators and congressmen who haven’t been heard from.

Whether the tea party movement is large enough yet to elicit a response from the White House or effect change in the halls of Congress is “hard to say,” said Mike Leahy, co-founder of Top Conservatives on Twitter, one of three conservative groups behind the grassroots effort.

“We’ve reached out to some lawmakers on both sides of the aisle and no one has really come out yet,” said Kellen Guida, who has helped organized the protest in New York City.

“I think they’re trying to see what kind of fringe element is there. They’re waiting to see the validity of the movement, and want to make sure it’s not some kind of extreme message,” he said.

The driving force behind the parties is not political but ideological, and few Washington politicians share that ideology.  My guess is that they already know the message, and disagree with it, and know that the voters know they do.  Few will willingly stick their heads in this lion’s den.

Senator De Mint will attend protests in Greenville, Columbia and Charleston, South Carolina, on the 15th.

Glenn Reynolds on why we’re seeing tea parties now.