If you support the Tea Party movement, or worse, participate in one, you make this author’s Public Enemy No. 1 list.  From the Indianapolis Examiner, Tea Party movement aims to inspire revolution

In reality, their ‘movement’ is incredibly divisive, a mindset that stands in sharp contrast to Obama’s calls for bipartisanship in this time of great national need. Their arguments have the potential to divide the country along titanic lines not seen since the bloody days of the Civil War.

Guess who represents the evil, slave-owning South in his scenario.  And, buddy?  The divide is there.  The overwhelming response to the tax protests proves it.

Tea Party participants have the potential to turn into crazed killers, according to this guy:

If the country continues down this dark path, a second Civil War might not just be a cool idea for a sci-fi novel anymore. Can you imagine the potential for chaos if some of these ‘protesters’ decide to exercise the Second Amendment and bring their weapons to these rallies? There’s a thin line between peaceful protest and bloodthirsty patriotic fervor, especially if those protesting are used to being on the side of the mighty status quo.

I can’t imagine a safer place to be if people do exercise their right to self defense and bring their guns.  Doubt if you’ll see many robbery attempts in that situation.  Could this be a bit of projection on his part, what he’d like to do to the people who have the temerity to disagree with the President?  Inquiring minds want to know.

His grand conclusion:

President Obama was elected democratically, according to the doctrines set forth by the Founding Fathers. The Tea Party movement represents a real danger to the tenets of democracy Americans have embraced for centuries.

Only if “democracy” means, “My side won, so shut up.”  This is one upset lefty.   Probably had to change his pants after he wrote this.

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