Scrappleface reveals what really happened between the President and the Saudi king:  White House: Obama Bow Was Attempted Head Butt

(2009-04-08) — The White House today again denied that President Barack Obama had submissively bowed last week to Saudi King Abdullah, updating the official version of events to portray it as a “torso flexing move designed to administer a friendly head butt to the Muslim monarch — an amped-up version of the fist-bump he often shares with the First Lady.”

“President Obama, as everyone knows, is a man’s man, and he just wanted to establish who’s the alpha male in the pack,” said White House press secretary Robert Gibbs. “He naturally expected the King to return the head butt, and was surprised to receive just a mild handshake.”

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On the other hand, Barack Obama’s Teleprompter has a different story:

…Well I can settle this thing once and for all.  So, to quote Big Guy, reading off of my screen, let me perfectly clear.

Big Guy didn’t bow down before Abdullah. It just looked that way because to kiss Abdullah’s ring, Big O had to bend over.  I hope this clarifies the matter.

I report, you decide.