President Obama is not called the Community-Organizer-In-Chief for nothing. Talking about his recent reminder to financial CEOs that he’s the only one standing between them and the pitchforks, from Pajamas Media, Obama the Pitchfork Operator: A Remake of the Soviet Classic

…To get the full flavor of the president’s implication we must remember that in Obama’s code language, the word “pitchforks” means “a vigorous campaign of threats and intimidation perpetrated by Obama-sponsored ACORN and union activists in conjunction with theatrical outrage from government officials, amplified by the complicit media, and coordinated from one political center, which has now moved to the White House.”

Unleashing mob rule:

In a balanced society, an angry mob is never a part of the equation. But if the goal is to throw a capitalist society off balance in order to change it, an angry mob is the ticket. Anger is known to be the easiest and the most effective tool of crowd manipulation. Angry mobs cancel out the rule of law. Infusing anger into a community and turning it into an angry mob, canceling out the rule of law, and changing the balance in a society — this is what community organizers do for a living.

This has been done before:

Most Americans will probably associate this trend with the protection racket that was rampant in Chicago in the 1930s. It follows the same pattern: the mob, in conjunction with the unions, would organize strikes and protests, do physical damage, and intimidate business owners. Then a mob representative would meet with the owner and offer “protection” by saying “I’m the only thing between you and the pitchforks.”

Curiously enough, at about the same time, a similar drama was unfolding halfway across the world in the Eastern Siberia — only this time the role of the mob was played by a government that claimed to act in the interests of the workers. And while the mobsters were motivated by greed and used the workers simply to milk the capitalists, a workers’ government, motivated by the common good morality, used the workers for something much more sinister and immoral.

Much more at the link.

Speaking of the mob, ACORN is flush with our money.  From Doug Ross, Change: $8B for ACORN while missle defense slashed $1.4B

And how much did President Obama find in the budget for his friends at ACORN? According to Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina, ACORN is eligible for roughly $8 billion in block grants and redundant increases in the budget for the U.S. Census.

Throw in the $5.7 billion for the paid/conscripted volunteer program, AKA the GIVE Act, which ACORN will be a part of, and the magic number is $13.8 billion.

So we get to finance our own intimidation to the tune of $14 billion, at least.  Never let it be said that the President is inefficient.  He’s saved taxpayers a fortune by cutting out the  Mafia middlemen.

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