The stimulus bill included $7.2 billion to expand broadband to rural areas.  It requires carriers who take the money to follow FCC Net Neutrality guidelines and to live by any new rules the FCC and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) come up with in the future.  The actual effect of Net Neutrality will be government control of Internet providers’ business models and how they can transmit data.

So what?  So this:  “Net Neutrality” – Government Prepares to do to the Internet what it’s doing to the Auto Industry

Unfortunately for consumers, Net Neutrality, if fully implemented according to proponents’ desires, will diminish the incentive to extend America’s broadband infrastructure, because providers will be unable to manage traffic flow more efficiently, or engage in necessary price and service differentiation.  It will also expand the size, scope and authority of government by necessitating new regulatory commissions and all-powerful bureaucrats.  Furthermore, network providers would be less able to distinguish themselves through differing service options, and trial lawyers would naturally discover an all-new litigation treasure trove.

If you’re content to watch the federal government spoil the Internet in the same way that it has maimed public schools, the home mortgage industry, the tax code, the postal system, the auto industry and the airline industry, then sit back and do nothing.

But if you prefer to save the Internet from the harm inflicted upon those industries, then take a brief moment to contact your Senators and Representative to tell them to spare the Internet that ruinous fate.

Time to shift into Drive.  House Senate

Thanks to Center For Individual Freedom