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“Atlas Shrugged” is enjoying a resurgence of readership, and is one of the top selling fiction books at Amazon.com. I can only hope folks are reading this book, and not relying upon Wikipedia to understand the themes. There is a major theme that is missing: The Failure of Government.

Search for the “Anti Dog Eat Dog rule”. Or for the “Equalization of Opportunity” bill.  Your search results will show a reference to Wikipedia’s page about Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. If you use Google or Yahoo for those search terms, you will see the Wikipedia page on “Atlas Shrugged” listed as a website that has that term.

Now search on that page for either of the above two search phrases. What do you find? Any references to them are gone from the Wikipedia entry. Search for any of the legislation passed to control private enterprise.  It’s no longer there.

What is the reason that the references to these failed government actions have been deleted from the Wikipedia page on “Atlas Shrugged”? I have my theories. I would like to hear yours.

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Not really surprising.  I don’t trust Wikipedia on any subject that has even a remotely political aspect.  According to the comments “you can find where the phrase was removed. you are also free to edit the page and put it back in and join in a discussion about why you did so.”  Sounds like a plan for Wiki enthusiasts.

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