Some excellent tea party tips:

Organize a clean-up crew and have them in place to keep trash picked up during and after the event.  The person who sent this idea said you don’t want to leave your event site looking like DC after the inauguration.

Might I suggest that instead of sending teabags, we encourage everyone to fax or/and mail photos of themselves holding the signs they are planning on carrying to the partys to their state senators and congressmen?  For a fax, a first page saying “Revolution is Brewing” with the date and time of the local tea party you will be attending, and for the second page the photo of you and your sign and the words “I am watching you.  I am fed up.  And I VOTE!”

Lots more at the link.

Tea Party sign artwork here.

Tea parties last weekend:

Newburyport City Hall: “It looked like the politician had figured out pretty quickly which raised hands to call on”

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Great news!  Remember the Cape Coral, Florida, Tea Party that was canceled because local officialdom said the organizers had to get a permit and buy insurance?  It’s on!   Good job, Freedomworks.

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Yesterday I posted that the TaxDayTeaParty site experienced a denial of service attack.  They’re back up.