Congress’s assault on the free market through the demonization of its participants continues.  First it was AIG executives and their legally contracted retention bonuses.  Now Congress says your doctor is the devil:  Senate Finance Chair Slams ‘Wild-West’ Insurance Market, Doctors ‘Trying to Make a Buck’

Washington ( – The chairman of the Senate Finance Committee said Friday that the nation’s health-care “crisis” is the fault of medical “entrepreneurs” and a “dysfunctional” medical insurance market he likened to the “Wild West.”

Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.) said the medical insurance market is in anarchy and must be reformed this year, and he said those reforms must include a government mandate that individuals purchase insurance.

No sir.  The insurance market is like any other free market, a conglomeration of free people making free choices.

This is so deja vu.  Blow problems up to crisis proportions, target a scapegoat, play on peoples’ fears and ignorance of the facts,  then have government ride to the rescue in the form of expanded power.  I’ve seen this movie before.  Yesterday, actually.

It’s the fault of those people in the medical profession who persist in valuing their abilities and, worse, capitalizing on them:

But Baucus also blamed some of the health-care system’s woes on the fact that doctors and other medical “entrepreneurs” try to profit from their knowledge and abilities – that people in health-care are, in his words, “trying to make a buck.”

“We’re the United States, we’re not other countries,” Baucus said. “There’s entrepreneurship, creativity, there’s ‘go west, young man’ — that’s much more a part of our culture than it is in other countries and various groups; doctors, hospitals, nursing homes, (medical) equipment manufacturers — they’re providing care, but they’re also trying to make a buck.”

Who will be Congress’s next scapegoat?  I don’t know, but anyone who tries to “make a buck,” that is, make a living, should be concerned.

What Congress is trying to destroy is called the American way.  Senator Baucus makes that perfectly clear.  It’s our fault if we choose not to see it.