From PoliticoThe 19-page document (pdf), prepared by Pence’s office, was distributed two days after  President Obama criticized Republicans for trashing his detail-crammed 142-page budget outline (pdf) without producing a credible alternative.

More on the Republican plan here, thanks to Michelle Malkin.

Barack Obama’s Teleprompter  gives Republicans some advice:

See, principles can only get you so far. In our short time in Washington, we in the Obama Administration have learned that paper is the key to success. Lots of paper. Our budget is more than 4 trillions dollars, give or take a few hundred billion, and about 100,000 pages of absolute gobbledy gook. And it’s probably going to pass.

Republicans? 19 pages and a tax cut. That’s so late 20th Century. And calling it a “blueprint”? That’s the kind of stuff that got Bill Clinton in trouble. Well, the women did, too … but I digress.
My point is that as soon as John Boehner gets a teleprompter and a really big copying machine, and dumps the “principled blueprint” schtick, we’ll start taking him seriously.