Remember the much-touted $400 tax credt, $800 for couples, that was the crumb for the taxpayer in the stimulus package?  Gone, baby, courtesy of Senate Democrats.  From Breitbart, Senate Democrats to scrap Obama’s $400 tax credit

A top Democrat in the Senate announced a budget blueprint Tuesday that would scrap Barack Obama’s signature tax cut after 2010 and blends sleight of hand with modest restraint on domestic programs to cut the deficit to sustainable levels.

Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad, D-N.D., promises to reduce the deficit from a projected $1.7 trillion this year to a still-high $508 billion in 2014. But to do so, he assumes Congress will let Obama’s “Making Work Pay” tax credit delivering $400 tax cuts to most workers and $800 to couples will expire at the end of next year. Those tax cuts were included in Obama’s stimulus package.

Conrad, D-N.D., who has for decades sought to highlight the dangers of permanent deficits and rising government debt, produced a budget plan bristling with both—even after proposing to require wealthier taxpayers to pay higher rates income and capital gains.

Apparently the President isn’t too upset that his “signature” tax cut will be history:

The White House responded warmly to Conrad’s plan, noting it embraced Obama’s plans to boost spending on education and clean energy programs and allow for an overhaul of the U.S. health care system while sharply cutting back the deficit inherited by Obama.

He’s got to have priorities, and easing the taxpayer burden isn’t one of them.

The more honest budget process idea has hit a snag, too:

Neither budget includes Obama’s $250 billion set-aside for more bailouts of banks and other firms.