Terrific post from The Foundry on the assinine EPA rule that would make carbon dioxide a danger to public health and subject to the Clean Air Act.  Morning Bell: Regulations of Mass Job Destruction

As the Washington Post notes today, the 1970 Clean Air Act “was never intended to deal with greenhouse gases and is not suited to that task” but the enviro left has been undeterred. According to internal documents presented by the EPA to the White House earlier this month, the EPA believes that global warming caused by elevated levels of carbon dioxide emissions could cause “severe heat waves…with likely increases in mortality and morbidity, especially among the elderly, young and frail.” The agency also claims carbon emissions could result in more severe storms and more suffering related to “floods, storms, droughts and fires.”

If the evidence the EPA is using to support these claims today is anything like the claims made in the EPA’s last blueprint for carbon regulation, then the scientific basis for the EPA’s findings are extremely weak. CATO scholar Patrick Michaels has detailed the shortcomings (pdf) of the EPA’s Technical Support Document (TSD) concluding: “The TSD suffers from a failure to incorporate the best available science, misapplied logic, and the inability to recognize that observed trends in measures of human health and welfare run counter to those anticipated – despite on-going climate changes. As such, the TSD does not serve as an adequate basis for which to base an endangerment finding.”

Facts?  Bah!  It feels right.

Just a move in the game:

In actuality, the Obama Administration has no desire to regulate carbon through the EPA. They are only using the EPA as the threatening tool to force cap and trade legislation through Congress; legislation that President Obama even admitted would cause Americans’ power bills to “skyrocket“, would do nothing to stop global warming, and, if part of an international treaty, would send American tax dollars to foreign millionaires.

You should read the whole link-rich thing.