Instapundit is Tea Party News Central today.  Scroll down for lots of posts and pictures.  He also has advice for organizers:

SOME ADVICE FOR FUTURE TEA PARTY ORGANIZERS: Be sure to have a signup sheet where people can put their emails and other contact information for future events.

Also, consider printing up some postcards addressed to your local Representative and Senators. They should say that they’re from the Tea Party protest, and carry a message of fiscal discipline. Get people to sign them, and solicit donations for postage, then mail them. Local mail from real constituents makes an impression.

Also, encourage them to contact local media after the event, and either compliment them on their coverage, or politely criticize it, as appropriate.

More at that link.

Michelle Malkin updates the Lexington, Kentucky, protest numbers from 500 to 1500.  Wow!

News and pictures from Kansas City area tea parties from Nice Deb.

Michigan is planning an April 15 protest in Lansing.

Wyoming needs protesters.

Alabama has four April 15 tea parties planned.

Find out what’s going on in your state on April 15 here.

Big media is still pretty much ignoring the tea parties, but they outnumbered the participants in the AIG bus tour.  They’ve got their story and they’re sticking to it.