From The Endive:  Teleprompter Operators Catch Heat for Playing Nintendo

President Obama lashed out at his team of teleprompter operators yesterday when he discovered that his speeches for the last three weeks had been interrupted by a bevy of 8-bit Nintendo games.

An analysis of the President’s speeches over the last few weeks confirms that his content was influenced by the reckless Nintendo playing of his teleprompter staff.

“You are all valiant fighters whose efforts are appreciated,” said Obama to a select group of military personnel serving in Iraq, “But the galaxy may be invaded by the other Metroid. You must keep fighting.”

Obama teleprompter staffers admitted in a recent interview with GameFly that they are partial to classic adventure and role playing games.

“It gets a little boring listening to all this political stuff,” said Will Beeman, one of the President’s teleprompter operators, “We didn’t vote for him because we wanted to listen to what he has to say. We just like the way he says it. I had a bet with [fellow staff member] Joey [Canopolis] that I could beat him in Mario Brothers and that we could prove that nobody, including the President, really cared as much about the content as the delivery. I won. He owes me a Vault soda.”

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