The Food Police are after your corn on the cob:  From the DC Examiner, Obama food policy may mean end of farmers markets, family farms

The Food Safety Modernization Act, touted as a consumer protection bill, is backed by the giants of the affected industries, such as General Mills and the National Restaurant Association, while posing possibly lethal threats to smaller market players like family farms and local produce.

What would House bill, HR 875, do?

Both measures would ramp up federal inspection of farms, impose reporting requirements on farmers, and dramatically lower the threshold at which the federal government can seize food it believes could make people sick.

…DeLauro’s measure would create a new federal Food Safety Agency to regulate all farms. Both bills order federal regulators to set new “minimum standards related to fertilizer use, nutrients, hygiene, packaging, temperature controls animal encroachment, and water.”

As Debbie Stockton of the FTCLDF puts it, “Anywhere food is produced, the federal government can send someone out to the farm and tell them how to run things.”

These rules would also cover food factories, but Galen Reser, vice president for government affairs at Pepsico, which processes snack food under its Frito-Lay brand, told this columnist “I think the industry is pretty comfortable with” the regulatory burden of Durbin’s bill, maintaining there are no significant “unnecessary costs.”

The big food companies know how to game this government-rigged system:

When the fine print is ironed and when the agencies implement the regulations, Kraft and Big Agriculture will have a say, but your local organic farmer won’t. As Stockton puts it, “There is no distinction now between industrial agriculture and federal regulatory agencies.”

Will the new federal bureaucracy take a look at Michelle Obama’s victory garden, the point of which is to promote organic produce?  Inquiring minds want to know.