Payback’s a bitch.  From satirist Scott Ott, Union Demands Fair Wages for Obama Garden Kids

As White House staff and the Obama family prepare for the first vegetable garden on the property since Eleanor Roosevelt’s Victory Garden, cries of protest arose today from the United Farm Workers union (UFW).

At issue is the president’s plan to employ 23 fifth-graders from nearby Bancroft Elementary school to dig, plant, weed and harvest everything from strawberries to arugula in the 1,100-square-foot plot.

An unnamed UFW spokesman said the project, driven by First Lady Michelle Obama, likely violates existing child labor laws, as well as “the spirit of collective bargaining upon which this great nation was founded — E Pluribus Unum — all for one.”

The UFW has demanded it be allowed to organize by means of a card-check vote, in which the 11-year-old laborers would be invited by their teachers to sign a card affirming their desire to unionize without a secret ballot.

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