From Fox News, Is Ban Ki-moon Trying to Squelch the U.N.’s Watchdogs?

Is United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon trying to squelch a branch of the world organization whose string of recent reports have drawn member nations’ attention to dramatic U.N. failings?

At a closed-door meeting of U.N. diplomats earlier this week, the Geneva-based U.N. investigative group known as the Joint Inspection Unit, whose job is to assess and improve the efficiency and coordination of the U.N. worldwide, issued a highly charged annual report that raised the question.

Buried in the middle of the 52-page document came a remarkably blunt accusation from the JIU’s inspectors that Ban had abruptly and secretively changed 40 years of accepted procedure for selecting the JIU’s executive secretary — a post, the report sharply noted, that has been vacant for 14 months.

The report added that a Ban-appointed panel had taken the “illegal action” of demanding a bigger hand in the selection of candidates for the job who had already been approved by JIU — a demand in violation, the inspectors said, of U.N. rules and regulations. The report urged the U.N. General Assembly to support the inspection unit and make Ban back down.

In closing, the inspectors, whose prose is normally a model of bland discretion, took a further undiplomatic pot-shot shot at Ban.

“The Unit,” they said, “deeply regrets that the Secretary-General, as the Chief Administrative Officer of the United Nations, and thus in charge of promoting accountability as a key element for good management, has not yet taken any action to remedy this uncomfortable situation that negatively affects the operations of the Unit.”

You can read the report at the link.

A few of the Joint Inspection Unit’s previous reports:

• In December, a JIU note to top managers in uncharacteristically blunt terms declared that the U.N.’s $10 billion procurement business — the buying and selling of goods and services for its operations worldwide — was a shambles, in which procedures were not followed, documentation was often missing, and the total amount being spent on corporate consultants was unknown.

• Another JIU report to the General Assembly issued last December warned that the United Nations’ management of all worldwide treaties and programs for environmental protection was approaching chaos, while “sustainable development” agencies were getting the lion’s share of new funds. Once again, the inspectors reported that U.N. agencies were unable event to tell how much money the U.N. is spending on managing its environmental actions.

More U.N. incompetence at the link.

And these people want billions to manage the environment.  The more fools us if we give it to them.