Missouri State Senator Jane Cunningham has introduced a bill that would stop judicial activism in the area of tax legislation.  From NetRightNation, Beating Back the Advance of Judicial Activism

One particular Missouri state senator—Republican Jane Cunningham (District 7)—recently introduced Senate Joint Resolution No. 15 in the Missouri General Assembly, and its target—among other Big Government vices—is none other than judicial activism.

SJR 15 takes aim specifically at judicial activism with regards to taxation matters. As the resolution reads in plain terms:

“The general assembly shall not be required to enact legislation to comply with a court order that it raise taxes.”

As it stands, the legislature—all across America—is the only branch of government granted the power to raise taxes. As with a host of other matters, however, courts have sought to override legislative supremacy by legislating tax policy from the bench.

Resolution PDF here.

Time to get back to basics.