To further his plan to nationalize health care, sell the crushing energy tax called cap and trade, and please his teachers union constituency, Obama musters campaign army for economic fight.

US President Barack Obama mustered his powerful campaign army on Monday, calling on his millions of supporters to lobby on behalf of his budget and economic plan.

The appeal to back the president was made in an email and video sent out by “Organizing for America,” the organization which morphed out of Obama’s campaign machinery to push his agenda when he entered the White House.

In the video, Mitch Stewart, the director of Organizing for America, urged the president’s supporters to take part in the “Organizing for America Pledge Project.”

“The pledge project is an ambitious effort to map out and identify support for President Obama’s economic blueprint across towns and communities in America,” Stewart said.

You could almost feel sorry for Congressmen.  Tea partying tax protesters to the right of them, looting socialists to the left of them.  Almost.

Obama’s campaign manager, David Plouffe, has stressed that Organizing for America is not aimed at twisting the arms of members of Congress but meant to keep activists engaged on issues such as health care, energy and the economy.

Yeah, right.  These activists are just going to talk politely to each other.   None of this “in your face” stuff.   And how big a role will  the Federally-funded ACORN and its fellow travellers play?  I expect to see in-depth reporting on that any day now.

It’s going to be an eventful year.