Applying the Obama Administration’s plan to Main Street:  How to Get Your Family out of a Financial Crisis

1. Announce a Family Recovery and Reinvestment Plan that will immediately jump-start job creation and long-term growth. Since the reason you are in trouble is that a job has been lost, you need to get a job, or better yet, two or three jobs. Only by having jobs in the family can you get yourself back up on your feet. But how are you going to get those jobs when no one is hiring? There is an easy answer.

2. Create jobs by hiring your family members. Just go out and do it. But what, you ask, are you going to hire them to do? And what are you going to use for money? The trick is to kill two birds with one stone, by putting your house into better shape at the same time as you create those jobs.

3. Pay your children to fix up your house. Hopefully you have a few children. The more the merrier. Pay one of them to paint the house green. Pay one to put new sod down on your tired lawn. Pay another one to renovate the kitchen. Won’t it be grand to have that nice granite countertop you have always dreamed of? Now is the time! Since the entire family is in a terrible crisis, everyone will go along with your plan, and support it, no questions asked. Just tell them that because you are creating so many great new jobs, there will be gobs of money later. Possibly not this year, but by next year, things are really going to turn around and you will be in the pink. Certain luxuries were out of your reach before, but why shouldn’t you get a few goodies out of this family crisis? Put a little weatherstripping in the mudroom and get a high def TV while you are at it.

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