The wonders of modern pharmacology:  Madison company offers mental stimulus to leaders

A Madison biotech company is offering what it is calling a mental stimulus package to government officials who forget to pay their taxes.

Quincy Bioscience will provide free bottles of its flagship brain-enhancing supplement, Prevagen, to any member of Congress or the Obama administration who has forgotten to pay taxes during the last 10 years, the company said this morning.

“We’re confident that after 30 to 60 days of taking the supplement, most legislators and government officials will recall, without being reminded by aides or reporters, all tax periods for which they have forgotten to pay state or federal income taxes,” Quincy Bioscience president Mark Underwood said in a news release.

Prevagen is so effective it also should help most government officials recall when they failed to make Social Security and Medicare contributions for undocumented household workers, Underwood said.

What’s in the pipeline?  I have some suggestions. Gaffe-reducers, to make feelings of irrelevance more manageable.  Circumlocution-preventers, with special compounds targeting equivocation and euphemism addiction, to reduce listeners’ stress levels.  Cliche-blockers, to combat the heartbreak of meaninglessness.  They’ll make a fortune.
H/T  Michelle Malkin