President Obama and Congress are putting the country’s economic eggs in the wrong basket:  Entrepreneurs Can Lead Us Out of the Crisis
It’s time for the Obama administration to provide incentives for the creation of real jobs.

Just as generals are notorious for fighting the last war, Congress and the White House seem intent on fixing an economy of hidebound and obsolete companies and industries, while ignoring the innovative ones rising before us and those waiting to be born.

Missing from this legislation is anything more than token support for the long-proven source of most new jobs and new growth in America: entrepreneurs. These are the people who gave us everything — from Wal-Mart to iPhones, from microprocessors to Twitter — that is still strong in our economy. Without entrepreneurs, we will never get out of our current predicament.

The article suggests supporting econo-warriors by by killing or making Sarbanes-Oxley voluntary, expanding access to nontraditional means of capital formation, eliminating the payroll-tax collection burden on employers, tax code changes favoring non-professional investors and encouraging risk-taking, focussing on job creation instead of job loss, and calling attention to the role of entrepreneurship in the economy.

Republican Congressmen and Senators should take note.

H/T  The Daily Beast