You may have heard about CNBC reporter Rick Santelli’s rant on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade against President Barack Obama’s mortgage bailout plan the other day.    In it he called for a Chicago Tea Party to protest the government’s rewarding of bad behavior .

Lots of people have the same idea.  There have been taxpayer protests in Seattle and Denver.  Websites are popping up with ideas for protests and for helping people get in touch with others who feel the same way.  Following are some websites and news I’ve found.

There’s a new American Tea Party site here.
You can mail information in about events you’re planning to and let them know

– Date, Start Time and End Time, Location
– Purpose
– Who is sponsoring this event
– Photo is optional (198 x 126 pixels are ideal)

An American Tea Party Facebook page here.

A schedule of tea party protests across the country.

Advice on future tea party protests, from a media producer.

The NetRightBlog gives you tips on how to organize a tea party and offers to help get people and media to your event.

Going national:
US News and World Report on rewarding good behavior.

The Boston Globe:  Bailout lament: What about me?

In The Telegraph UK, A message from Michael Patrick Leahy: Join The Chicago Tea Party!

H/T Instapundit