Working within the system:  An Immigration Lawsuit of a Different Kind

A Colorado woman has sued the City of Denver claiming that the city shares the blame for her injuries resulting from an automobile accident caused by an illegal immigrant.

Margaret Rains was inside a Baskin-Robbins ice cream shop when Francis Hernandez lost control of his SUV while driving nearly 80 mph and crashed into the shop, injuring Ms. Rains and killing three others.  According to news reports, Rains wants the city to share the blame because she claims Denver police had arrested Hernandez several times before the accident but failed to enforce immigration laws.  Rains is seeking $1.9 million in damages.

Hernandez reportedly entered the United States illegally in 1991 at age 5 but was never deported.  In the five years before the accident, Hernandez had been arrested nearly 20 times by several law enforcement agencies, including Denver police.

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