Massachusetts is looking out for you, food allergy sufferers.  Apparently you’re too stupid to do it for yourself.

New Law Protects Customers from Murderous Restaurateurs, Peanuts

A new Massachusetts law sponsored by the marvelously named state Sen. Cynthia Stone Creem (D-Middlesex and Norfolk) aims to protect food allergy sufferers from the scourge of restaurants keen to kill their customers, and restaurants from the scourge of allergic customers keen to kill themselves.

In addition to basic awareness-raising poster and video mandates, the law contains this forehead-slappingly stupid requirement:

“Every person licensed as an innholder or common victualer, when serving food, shall…include on all menus a notice to customers of the customer’s obligation to inform the server about any food allergies.”

That’s right: The law requires restaurants to use their menus to remind people whose throats will close up upon encountering a peanut to ask if there’s any peanuts in their food. Really? We needed Sen. Stone Creem to make that conversation happen?

The law graciously allows restaurants until January 1, 2010, to add the warning sentence to their menus. Meanwhile, allergy sufferers will likely be dying in droves, without that vital reminder to ask if the food they’re about to eat will kill them.

Growing up is so overrated.