Teachers want exemption from Ore. junk food ban

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — Two years ago, the Oregon Legislature decided to ban the sale of most junk food in public schools to combat childhood obesity.

But now some teachers complain that the law treats them like children and want the option to purchase sugary sodas and high-fat snacks in teachers lounges and other “employee areas” during the day.

“We are adults and able to make choices, good or bad, just like any other grown up,” said Doreen Powers, a 4th grade teacher at Butternut Creek Elementary School in Hillsboro.

Members of the House Education Committee agreed on Friday, advancing a bill that would exempt school employee areas from the 2007 law that banned the sale of candy bars, sugary colas, high-fat chips, oversized slices of pepperoni pizza and other high-calorie snacks.

…”It seems to me that having the ability to buy a Coke in the teachers lounge is probably not going to change their ability to be role models for children,” Greenlick said.