On your computer.  You can download font based on Obama’s handwriting.

From the site:  “44th President” is based on the handwriting of President Barack Obama. A number of sources were studied and the font produced from those references. Barack Obama is the 8th left-handed American president. His left-handed stroke is quite obvious. As seen in recent legislation signing ceremonies, President Obama uses the “hooked” style of
left-handed writing where the paper is held horizontally and the pen is “pulled” diagonally over the writing surface, and his signature is bold and elegant. The script flows swiftly with a clear and fluid motion, and includes a complete standard character set and Central European, Baltic, Romanian and Western European character sets. “44th President” is
available for immediate download for $15.95, and 20% of all profits will be given to charity.

More on this one-man-economic-stimulus package here.

H/T Powerline Forum