There’s a documentary to be on HBO Monday called “Right America: Feeling Wronged,” filmed by Alexandra Pelosi, Nancy Pelosi’s daughter.  Variety

She set out on the campaign trail following not the candidates, but their crowds. And Pelosi zeroed in not on the Obama boosters, but the zealots who backed the losing ticket.

Her trip to the other side was motivated by a feeling that — to give Sean Hannity some credence — the mainstream media was drinking the Obama Kool-Aid and woefully under-covering the McCain-Palin faithful. The result is a warped sense of the new president’s support and a forgetfulness that more than 58 million voted for his rival.

“Do you think that people in Hollywood know that there are a large number of people driving around America with ‘Nobama’ bumper stickers on their car?” Pelosi asked rhetorically in a recent interview. “Or do they think that the whole world just loves Obama, because you turn on the news and you think that the whole world loves Obama.”

It sounds interesting, and a change from the usual lefty HBO slant.  If you have HBO you may want to take a look.

H/T  Big Hollywood