Backscratching reigns:  Money Well Spent

During the last presidential campaign, Big Labor vowed to do all it could to get a Democrat elected. The Service Employees International Union alone raised almost $32 million dollars in pursuit of that goal (through a variety of tactics, at least one of which was flagrantly illegal).

What have they gotten for their money?  Besides the three Executive Orders Obama has already signed, which force federal contractors to offer jobs when contracts change, to prevent the contractors’ reimbursement for expenses intended to influence workers when  they are deciding to form a union, and no longer allowing contractors to tell workers that they can decide how much money they can give to unions, that is:

Now Obama has signed his fourth Executive Order relating to unions, and it essentially requires that all federal construction projects be performed by union workers. It doesn’t actually demand it, but that’s the practical upshot of the whole thing. And that’s not all. Obama has quietly made his position on one of Big Labor’s major causes clear:

The Orwellian-named “Employee Free Choice Act” is currently before Congress. Among its many provisions is the odious “card check” rule. This would allow unions seeking to organize a work force to bypass the tedious (and risky) secret ballot vote. Instead, they only need a majority of the workers to sign declarations that they favor unions. Under current rules, those pledges trigger an election, where the workers can express their true opinions freely, without any fear of intimidation or retaliation from either their employer or the union.

An abortion for this baby sounds like a good idea.