From The Endive:  Democrat Sneaks Shopping List into Stimulus Bill

Nancy Pelosi, D-CA raised ire among Republicans and talk radio hosts alike when it was discovered that she snuck her shopping list into the stimulus bill.

“We need to pass this bill immediately,” said Pelosi, “Not just because people are losing their jobs, not just because our country is headed to hell in a hand basket, but also because I’d like to get some light mayonnaise so I can make Chicken Marsala Monday night.”

Although it is not uncommon for riders to get tacked onto bills in congress, this is the first time in known history that someone has attempted to tack on their own shopping list.

“I hope the American people realize that if this thing passes, they have just bought Nancy Pelosi a box of Wheat Thins, creamed corn, yogurt with fruit on the bottom, Captain Crunch, and the latest edition of Star Magazine,” said Representative Eric Cantor, R-VA, “I think it also includes a $500 tip for the guy who shleps it all out to her car.”