All together now, repeat after me:  Sen. Harkin: ‘We need the Fairness Doctrine back’

Just this morning, I reported that Sen. Debbie Stabenow has backed off on the idea of holding hearings for radio accountability, something she discussed last week with liberal radio host Bill Press (leading to an uproar on conservative talk radio over the Fairness Doctrine).

Well today, Sen. Tom Harkin appeared on Press’s show and came out in favor of the Fairness Doctrine.

All talk, no action so far:

It seems that a lot of Democrats talk up the issue, but then there isn’t any legislation that follows.

For instance, Dick Durbin has spoken favorably of bringing back the Fairness Doctrine in the past, but when I contacted his office last week, his press secretary said that he “has no plans to introduce any legislation on the issue, nor is it even on the radar.”

So will Harkin, another advocate, be the one to push the issue forward?

It’s not like there’s anything else important for the Senate to consider, after all.