The Congress is determined to “do something,” for the economy, no matter the consequences, with some help from The Three Republican Senate Stooges, Collins, Spector and Snowe.

According to Resistnet here’s the plan:

Three Republicans (Collins, Specter and Snowe) are planning to join with Democrats and pass a slightly trimmed Spending bill that still will cost over $1.1 trillion. From our contact in the Senate:  “On Saturday the Senate will be in session from 12:00 – 3:00 pm for members to speak and there will be no roll call votes. Also on Saturday cloture will be filed on the Collins/Nelson amendment and the cloture vote on the amendment will occur on Monday at 5:30 pm. If cloture is invoked on the amendment post cloture time will run until noon on Tuesday. At noon on Tuesday the bill will be subject to another 60 vote hurdle by either waiving a budget point of order or achieving 60 votes on final passage.”

Collins, Spector and Snowe.  Share your feelings with them.

The Senate “compromise” is really a joke.  They received a roughly $817 billion bill from the House, added over $100 billion, and then “slashed” $100 billion, so it ends up somewhere around $820 billion.  And we’re supposed to applaud their fiscal sanity.

Senators, I’m not laughing.


Obama thanks the three stooges for their “patriotism,” via Hot Air.